Este artista sobrepuso sus ansiedades creando estos dibujos

Alex Pardee es un artista independiente, diseñador de ropa,  y escritor de libros de cómics. Su instagram muestra sus obras y el proceso por el que pasan. Tiene casi 200 mil seguidores. Pardee quiere presentar al público a un mundo nuevo a través de su arte. El arte puede ser espeluznante, pero es difícil no mirar. Pardee admite que su trabajo lo ha ayudado con problemas serios. Cuando era adolescente, le diagnosticaron con ansiedad y fue internado en un hospital psiquiátrico. Ha aprendido que crear arte le ayuda con sus problemas.

Alex Pardee is an artist, clothing designer, and a comic book writer. His Instagram shows his works and the process he goes through. He has almost 200 thousand followers. Pardee wants to introduce audiences to a new world through his art. His artwork can be gruesome, but it’s hard not to look. Pardee admits his work has helped him through personal issues. As a teenager, he was diagnosed with anxiety and was put in a mental hospital. He has learned that creating art helps him with his problems.




Oh no! My Dick had a baby! #DickTracing

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TRUCK NORRIS had a mustache years before LYFT did.

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It's been 16 years since I took a frightening leap of faith, quit my job as a supervisor at a credit card processor and decided that I was going to figure out how to survive for the rest of my life by creating art in one form or another. I lived almost two years on $5000 dollars while I explored everything from selling my comics outside of concert halls and bombarding online guest books with pleas to look at my geocities website to drawing boring tractor t-shirts for a local construction company and begging bands in Sacramento to let me draw flyers for them for $20, trying to figure out what I was passionate about, what pushed the boundaries of my imagination, and what I can learn from other artists and friends that I admired. I'm still learning every day, but it didn't take long to figure out that I simply liked the process of creating weird monsters, making myself laugh and sharing both of those things in any way I could. Each year brings ups and downs, not just financially and professionally, but economically, politically and emotionally. Still, my desire and need to survive by creating art has only grown stronger every day and I am BEYOND THANKFUL for the art opportunities I have encountered throughout the years because of the support that I have gotten from my family, my friends, my contemporaries, my girlfriend and the enormous support from YOU. Whether it's monetary support, sharing-support, high-five support, or simply staring at something of mine on a laptop in a closet because your parents hated my art, EVERY time anything I have created made you smile, or makes you angry, inspires you, or makes you annoyed at a pun, or laugh, or just feel something, I get fuel to continue evolving and learning. So thank you!!!! Thank you!!!! Did I say thank you!!?!?! ❤️❤️🎉

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