10 Increíbles Fotos en Honor al Día de la Tierra

Después de 46 años, la gente de todo el mundo todavía hacen honor al Día de la Tierra con un tema diferente cada año. El tema de este año es Árboles para la Tierra. La Red del Día de la Tierra está llamando a la gente a la acción, animándoles a plantar árboles a través de eventos organizados en todo el mundo. National Geographic celebra el Día de la Tierra y pidio al mundo compartir sus mejores fotos que ilustran los misterios y la magia de nuestro planeta. Estan son las mas gustadas a traves de hashtag #natgeoearthday.



Photo by @haarbergphoto (Erlend Haarberg) In the last decades, the number of guillemots (Uria aalge) has decreased drastically along the Norwegian coast and they are not able to raise their young due to lack of food. Fortunately, their population on Hornøya is still stable. When a bird of prey visits the colony, a flock of birds flies up into the sky. They circle in the air for a couple of minutes and when the danger is over, land on the cliffs again. This scene fills me with wonder and gives me hope for the future of this beautiful Planet. Happy Earth Day everyone! Want to have your #EarthDay photo published on NatGeo.com? Add #NatgeoEarthDay to your images, then check NatGeo.com on Earth Day, April 22nd. #guillemot #seabird #hornøya #varanger #norway @thephotosociety @natgeocreative

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@natgeo @stevewinterphoto #NatgeoEarthDay HAPPY EARTH DAY!! Want to have your #EarthDay photo published on NatGeo.com? Add #NatgeoEarthDay to your images, then check NatGeo.com on Earth Day, April 22nd. Watch Mission Critical Leopards at the Door @ 8pm and Mission Critical Orangutans @9pm on NG WILD tonight! Read the Nat Geo piece on the new tiger numbers by Sharon Guynup http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2016/04/160420-tigers-conservation-trafficking-world-wildlife-fund-panthera/ Earth Day on April 22 celebrates our planet and the life that it provides for all living things. Though we have humans often forget that without the vital necessities our planet gives us we would no longer survive. The air we breathe the water we drink is all here for us every moment of every day. Though we take it for granted as we do the natural systems which provide these life giving elements. The oceans and forests give us the air we breathe. 50% of our oxygen comes from forest – the other 50% from the oceans.Though we cut down the forests and pollute and remove the creatures which keep our seas in balance. 75% of our fresh water comes from forests and grasslands. forest which pull carbon from the atmosphere and slow climate change and give homes to the creatures which live within. Including some of my favorite animals big cats. Here are 2 tiger cubs drinking at a waterhole. #NatgeoEarthDay @natgeo @stevewinterphoto @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #bigcatsforever #ivoryfree #wildaid #bigcatsforever #ngwild

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Feliz Día Planeta Tierra